The Dew Drop

Let the rain fall on me

Let the wind cuddle me

Let the tree give me its pair of branches to rely upon

Let its trunk be my support in time of distress

Let its petals fall on me

Let the rainbow show, when sun rays fall on me.

Let the rain fall on me

Let the  wind cuddle me

Let me drop on the bed of roses to kiss the dew drop.


A kind Gesture

Mushtaq in his mid 40s a tall,slim and an intelligent and wise police officer,reached the place of crime, Bunglow No. 39  Pollock street, David Polson died on the spot, being hit by an iron rod at the left side of his head. The bunglow  is exquisitely beautiful inside, the dead body was in the living room, being taken for postmortem, Mushtaq investigated the room in detail, the iron rod was lying there stained in blood, no other hint. The house seems quite undisturbed, except one, no other proof to get a clue of burglary in the house.

Mushtaq enquired everyone, there was no one in the house who lives with him, her daughter is now settled in abroad for her further studies. David left alone to live by his own.

David running in his 60s, a retired professor of English literature very kind and generous, a true gentleman. Jennifer was his friend and student whom he teaches  literature. She is from humble upbringing, she finishes her work at home, leave for David ‘s house every day at 1’ o clock in the afternoon sometimes she brings along her 5 years old son James and ask him to sit quietly, David use to give chocolates and candies to James and a drawing book with crayon colors and pencils, while she takes lessons from David she is preparing for her Entrance Test for post graduation in English literature in a college and hence taking  private tutions, more so from him because of his kind genuine nature and also she loves to be in company of teacher whom she adore for his love for the subject and aspire to be professor like him. She is young lady in her early twenties with bold eyes, exquisitely beautiful skin, slender body with a child like innocence on her face, very well behaved. She is every way a high class lady among other.

The room where David use to teach Jennifer, is  quite dark  with huge windows those  seems to be closed for long, to seclude him from the chaos of outer world, light coming through the painted colorful windows pane is the only light, brighting  the room, a separate  corner table at the end of the room with an electric kettle and coffee beans powder in a jar with a coffee filter besides it, and a huge library on the wall from one end to other, filled with books.

Not a single thing in this room seems to be disturbed, he pulled the right hand drawer of his study table, found few pair of glasses and a Breguet wrist watch, and few pencils, crayon colours and few  boxes of candies and  chocolates in the left drawer. The table was big enough to keep his books piled up and few note pads and papers, a pen stand and a photo frame of his daughter Ellina. Suddenly, Mushtaq noticed a paper kept folded under the table lamp.

He picked up the paper, its was written by (the name) Jennie

David Sir,

My apologies to you I won’t be able continue my studies as Peter don’t want  me to continue my studies, for last few days he is tormenting so much for my visiting to your house and also doubting my integrity. He left me and James in a street at mid night and asked  me to leave with James. You know all, my longing to be independent and to lead a life with respect and dignity.

Only hope to overcome all my pains in life is to left onto Divine. I am  praying every second to Him to give me strength to face this difficult path to be self reliant and resume to my studies soon.”


Ellina reached with her baggage and broke down at crime spot.

Jennifer was summoned in a room to disclose the matter, Mushtaq enquired about his husband Peter, she was more dumbstuck to utter any word, after much persuasion she disclosed in front of him. She met David to return her fees for the college admission, Peter followed her in his drunken state, had a brawl  with her infront of David’s Banglow  over the issue. Peter came inside the bunglow with the iron rod lying in the garden and hit David and left the place in hurry, when he too met with an accident, (while crossing the road a truck hit him and he died on the spot), his dead body is in the morgue, she was not in a condition to say more, she was under trauma to witness the death of his husband and a guilt of being the sole reason for the death of David Polson.

Ellina entered the room where Jennifer was being investigated, she is in her late twenties tall, very elegant. A gynecologist  by profession, went to U.S for specialization in oncology. In her separate conversation with Mushtaq she answered all the questions.

The investigation went for hours, finally both left for police station to prepare the final report on the investigation as top priority. The final rites of her father done in weeks time. Ellina left for abroad with heavy heart leaving the fond memories of his father and her birth place.

After few days Mushtaq reached, where Jennifer resides, Jennifer was packing all the household items as she had to leave the house as this place was only rented out for  company personnel.  Mushtaq entered with a lawyer with a smile and disclosed the matter related to the WILL prepared by David just two days before his death, a lawyer came along with Mushtaq read the WILL. It says,  “THE TEN PER CENT OF MY ENTIRE PROPERTY IS DONATED TO MS.JENNIFER D’SOUZA.” the lawyer took her signature on the document and handed over the property paper with a broad smile.Tears rolled down from her eyes for the old man.Before leaving her house Mushtaq told her that, Ellina has also, allowed her to live in the house as long as she want, as, she want someone to take care of her father’s memories. She may settle in abroad and will marry her boyfriend soon. She would love to see you there. They left her to see her with new beginning.



My Comrade

When I spoke my heart out, few loved me, others laugh out loud

can’t bear there remark so lame, so to keep me out of their game

light and laughter of my life, come to save me from drying out dear,

So, shall to bring me close and near.

Its lovely to be lone to free from all that is known

evening curls and night scrolls I warped my body so shall you hold , the muslin stole give me a feel as if, you are near

its remind me of all the things, we share,  still we  live so apart to be near.

I live, so that, you love me once more and care

to kindle the light with love, we shared.

-my comrade.


The Truth Hidden

First day of the New Year begins with joy and laughter; a ray of light and the birds flutter,

the day broadened and the fragrance in the  air felt so, serene

kissed the dew drops, in the green.

I rode my bicycle among the woods, leaves paved my way, to welcome me with grace.

The leave’s shade gave me hug and I rode my bicycle to embrace.

Under the clear sky; in the paddy field; the whole worlds seems within.

I walked barefooted towards the hill to explore more what lies therein

Its seems to me like a tomb of Hammurabi where the monarch kept in.

Strolling up the hilltop I discovered the mystic within,

Wow!! So, thrilled to find the truth hidden!!










Those Whom I Met In My Spiritual Journey

I learnt lessons from those whom I met in my spiritual journey

They came into my life as my parents, siblings, spouse, friends and colleagues

Few stayed with me and others left

I met few as my teachers in school

Few I met in my sweet cozy nest

I met many but few left

I learnt my lesson

Those whom I met in my spiritual journey

Few stayed and others left

I met few as my professors in college

Few I met in my group of pals

Few stayed with me others left

I learnt my lesson

Those whom I met in my spiritual journey

Few stayed and others left

I met with my husband and my in-laws

They taught me lesson and gave life’s biggest lesson

I moved out with my husband and lived with him for reason

She came into my life I loved her more than any thing  else in my life

she cried for toys and her supper

I rushed for her diaper

One day she learnt to crawl

And made me trawl

Now, she can walk and gave me a shock

She left me alone

to lead her life of her own

I learnt my lesson.

Its your twin soul’s love is forever to live a life in divine pleasure.


Transcend Your Soul’s Evolution

Rise above your expectations

to bring the divine within you

love yourself and others too.

Immerse your soul into divinity

that creates no me and you.

Pave the path for those new and true

Learning our karmic lessons we’ll become whole and through.

So, to journeys of the lifetimes’ ll end with the crew

to merge into the light’s hue.